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Agency's Roles and Responsibility:

Liasons Consultants provides complete package on liaison consultancy services. The responsibility starts from preparation of Documentation work and Submission to the Authority and up to the completion of the project.

The company provides Liaison services as a comprehensive package and does not entertain in providing them in parts or selectively.

Client Scope of Work:

At the time of processing BDA plan approvals and NOC’s, if any land/property dispute arises then client will be held responsible for delay in processing the same.

Clients have to pay official fees by the way of Cheque or Demand Draft to Concerned Departments.

Clients have to furnish all the relevant property documents for the BDA plan approval process.

Service Taxes Extra

Anticipated Delays w.r.t Project Related Permits:

Frequent changes in drawings by the Client

Delay in Conducting Meetings by the Authorities


Cash Flow

Mitigation Plan:

As far as possible the drawing should be freeze before submission.

Timely Submission of the Drawing to the Authorities

Property Titles, Like Sale Deed, Mother deed, Khatha, Tax paid. Revenue Records, etc Should be Submitted properly.

Timely Cash Flow

Time Plan:

Time required to complete each permits

Sl.No Departments Working Days Sl.No Departments Working Days

Survey of India 4 Days

Fire Force 60 Days

BSNL 10 Days

KSPCB 60 Days

Airport Authority of India 30 Days

DC Conversion 60 Days

BWSSB 45 Days

Change of Land use 90 Days

BESCOM 45 Days

Payment Terms and Conditions:

25% Advance along with confirmed Work Order

25% After Submission of File.

40% After Technical clearance

10% After Approval


The client hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of the proposed package and commits itself to paying the above fees and rates in full.