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Welcome to Liaisoning Consultants

  • Location Hemmigepura, Bengaluru

  • Phone +91-9740088749

  • Email


Company Overview

For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Liaisoning Consultants offers Liaison services such as Grant Land Phodi, Change of Land Use, Layout and Building plan approvals from BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, BIAAPA, BMICAPA and Municipal Corporations, including BBMP Building Plan Sanctions in Bangalore, and procuring NOC from BWSSB, KSPCB, MoEF, HAL Airport, International Airport (KIA), PWD, NHAI, Railways, Fire Clearance And Approvals. We have been offering liaison assistance for many years, assisting builders and developers equally. We have been offering liaison assistance for many years, assisting builders and developers equally.

Liaisoning Consultants has pursued a philosophy of running the company with a small team of knowledgeable and experienced employees in order to offer top-notch services. The organisation is committed to offering top-notch liaison services in the fields of architecture and civil engineering.

The organisation collaborates with subject-matter specialists on all projects, no matter how big or small.The business only considers delivering Liaison services as a complete package and does not consider doing so in segments or only as needed for a particular process.

BBMP Building Plan Sanctions in Bangalore

Why Choose us:

Our Mission

At Liaison Consultants, our mission is to be the catalyst that empowers seamless connections and harmonious collaboration among diverse stakeholders. We are committed to leveraging our expertise in communication, mediation, and relationship-building to bridge gaps, resolve conflicts, and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Through our strategic guidance, we aim to create an environment where information flows effortlessly, leading to enhanced productivity, stronger partnerships, and shared success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the premier choice for organizations seeking to optimize their communication landscape. We envision a world where effective communication is not just a tool, but a transformative force that drives innovation, nurtures relationships, and fuels progress. By consistently delivering tailored solutions and fostering a culture of transparent dialogue, we aspire to be recognized as the driving force behind elevated collaboration, elevated understanding, and elevated achievements for our clients.